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It’s been a while since I had a blog, but now that I am into spending most of my days writing, I thought it was time to get one going again.  I have a new mentor and guide, Molly Larson Cook who has  encouraged me to do this, so thanks to her I will bore you with my ideas, thoughts, memories and other stuff as we go along.  Fear not, I only plan to post about once a week, unless something earthshaking really happens.

What am I writing you ask?

DOINGS FROM DOWN UNDER:  a compilation of a senior female adult’s experience who takes a retirement job in Australia–does it grab you?  I hope so.

Several months ago I joined a Reading and Critique group at Writers Ink.  There are eight of us and we are focusing on memoirs.  I started off with my early childhood on Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn, but somehow Australia called to me and I switched gears.  Currently I am using my diaries to help me recall my three year experience there and it brings up lots of nostalgia and warm feelings that I hope to convey.  I do not know if it will ever become a published document, but I am committed to the project and hope to get something together in the next three months.

It has been a frustrating experience for me.  All my life I was told I write well and now I have discovered I really do not write so well…people want ME in the stories…and well, you know, how can I talk about ME without sounding vain and boastful…working on it.

If you stay tuned, you will be treated, or bored or threatened with some of my musings from time to time.

But never one to stay put, I have also been putting pen to poetry and have come up with some revelatory stuff, like a palindrome poem.  My fabulous and beautiful granddaughter Sydney also writes poetry and I am trying to convince her to let me put a chap book together with our combined efforts…so far no luck, but my tenacious self does not give up.

Finally, I have been writing essays, thanks to Molly and my computer is full of ramblings on a variety of subjects.  This may become the first new publication I do…stay tuned.

More to come and thanks for reading so far.




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  1. I too, am a former Brooklynite. For many years, we lived in a corner apartment house on Hopkinson and Sutter Avenues, just across the street from the H.E.S. (Hebrew Educational Society). Sound familiar? I’ve had many wonderful experiences growing up and even starting a new family there. My wife Laura shared many of these experiences as well when she first came to the U.S. from Switzerland.


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