Arms are for Hugging

 Why is it harder to get good grades than an assault weapon?

 Students united will never be divided.

Arm teachers with resources, not weapons!

Grand parents for safe schools.


I felt humbled this past Saturday as I read the signs, like those above, and stood among the thousands of people who gathered at Waterfront Park in San Diego for the National Student March for Life.  The teenagers led the way with pleas for safer schools, stricter regulations on assault weapons, and a desire to grow up so that they could make a difference. It renewed me with hope for our country.

MFL flag picture

I know all of them will mark this occasion as something special.  Afterward they will  go on with their lives and take a back seat to the action.

A small percentage will remain active, some for the rest of their lives, and will strive for change. In the large gathering I was surrounded by people of all ages, and it was easy to spot the former hippies and activists, who in their time,


had protested in the Civil Rights Movement or the Vietnam War.  Their gray locks did not hide their past, and I knew they, like me, were here to give support and reinforce one of our inalienable rights—public protest against our government without fear of reprisal.

Activism for me was short lived…I marched for civil rights in the late 1950s.  In the 1970s I joined a protest with my children about a UN resolution against Israel.  Nonetheless, I have stayed abreast of the issues, held my political opinions to a minimum and mostly to myself, even among friends, to whom I still speak, who voted for the non-presidential president (yes, that is a political statement), but now I just may act again.  Not sure how it will play out just yet, but without action I cannot insure a safe place for my grandchildren to learn and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Just as I was about to post this blog, the following came across my Facebook page (yes, I still have a Facebook account):

“When your children act like leaders, and your know your leaders act like children, you know change is coming.”





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