It’s taken nineteen years, but this week I finally moved into the 21st century–I did away with my land line and my cable service from AT&T. My only connection to them now is on the internet, and that is also a question–is the internet safe, reliable and available for me.

The new challenges are formidable. I now have to keep my phone in my possession at all times and make sure it has enough charge to keep going, just like me. That’s another story, since I still think I am thirty-nine, have more energy than many people younger than me, so I guess that’s good.

My friend Chuck once said I am the ever-ready battery. When he told that to my daughter in law her reply was, “Guess what, I’m married to her son.”

Back to topic. I installed two Roku devices in my television sets and am learning to navigate my way through streaming tv. I already had Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts so I added HULU to the mix. The dilemma I currently face is how to record my favorite network shows, like Madam Secretary and the PBS lineup. This may need a new device, but I will see.

This move was taken to save me money. That’s an oxymoron. So far it has cost me money for the two Roku devices, installation of one of them, and tutoring which seems to have gone through one ear, or eye, or finger.

Fortunately time is on my side. I am both a late bloomer, sometimes a slow learner, but when I get it, watch out.

Stay tuned for more news about this move.

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